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Well, here I am.  At the prodding of some friends and with the input from a ton of people whose opinions I trust we have arrived here today at my new food and drink blog.  The thought here is simple, I aim to provide the good folks of Kansas City a venue to drop in and check out restaurant & bar reviews, find lists of recommended places to go, and maybe even a recipe for my favorite dishes and bevvies. Admittedly I’m not a professional writer, comedian, or even a real food critic.  What I do have is years working both the front and back of house at some of Kansas City’s finest (and some not so fine) establishments with all the accompanying great times as well as horror stories a plenty.  I went to culinary school at one of the top rated schools in the country (and you may be shocked to learn it’s in your own backyard) and had the aspirations having a place with my own name on the door one day.  Eventually the wear and tear of the restaurant world finally took its toll and I bowed out of the hospitality industry all together.  So now I get to cook for friends and family while having my weekends free to enjoy the culinary creations of talented chefs across the city and throughout this great country. 

All of that said, one of the driving forces of me doing this is my frustration at not having a good reference point for finding good restaurants to try that I haven’t been to.  This all started last year when I made a New Year’s resolution for 2010 to eat at two new places each month for the entire year.  For someone who has been around KC for over 3 decades and has a penchant for food this was not the easiest task out there.  I’d Google “Top 10 Italian Restaurants” or “Best Places for Sushi” and came up with hard to navigate websites full of awful reviews and worthless lists.  It should be noted that any list that recommending Italian restaurants that includes Olive Garden, or a Seafood list that has Red Lobster on it should immediately be trashed and voided.  Not to be a total snob but there are better places in this world people.  So with that in mind I will try to have lists incorporating places I have been (which will be most) but if I fill in a few here and there I’ll do it based on the reviews and recommendations of people I know and trust. 

So that is a little bit about who I am and what I want this to be.   Hopefully it’s as fun for you to read as it is for me to write and you find this to be a useful tool for your all of your food and drink desires.  I look forward to your feedback and am very open to any suggestions for things you want me to add or places I should go.  If you have an issue with one of our lists, make your voice be heard and we’ll check a place out and see if it makes the cut.

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