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Restaurant Review
810 Zone Restaurant and Sports Bar | Leawood

With coolers packed, tickets in hand, and eyes on the weather our group had to make a decision Friday night if we were going to venture out into a rainy Kansas City evening to catch our first Royals game this season out at “The K.”  After deciding that we didn’t think the rain would let up and the cold weather was a bit more than we wanted to deal with, we had to come up with a Plan B.  Wanting to go somewhere that would have the game on TV and hopefully some decent food we decided on the 810 Zone in Town Center.

We arrived about 7:20 to find a very busy place full of families and Royals fans.  While the bar was full of people enjoying the game there were still a few tables in the restaurant area open. We were immediately seated in what one of my fellow diners dubbed “The Family Chaos Zone.”  There were no less than 4 tables of families all around us.  As we settled in and ordered our first round of beer and an appetizer I started looking around and really studying the amazing amount of sports memorabilia on the walls.  As an avid sports fan I truly appreciated their collection and noticed items not just from local sports icons but national and global names even the most casual sports fan would know.

Our appetizer came and we started in on the Bleu Balls.  These little bite size renditions of Chicken Cordon Bleu are crispy on the outside while being juicy and tender on the inside.  They were just the right size to cut in half and make 2 bites of.  Before you know it, three of us had gone through an entire order before our 4th even had the chance to show up.  In the ultimate display of enjoying something delicious we ordered another round once our final party member arrived to make sure they didn’t miss out on these surprisingly great treats.

For my entrée I kicked it old school with the kids I was surrounded by and ordered the chicken finger platter.  In my mind, chicken fingers are a great way to test what a kitchen is all about.  Do the chicken strips arrive at the restaurant frozen and pre-battered only to be tossed in the fryer without any additional thought given to it, or do they dedicate a little more time an energy to making them more than just a throw away menu item.  I was pleasantly surprised when the food arrived and I saw hand cut chicken tenders very lightly battered on my plate.  Happily I began to cut into the first strip to find it very moist and juicy and obviously not frozen or pre-made.  The seasoning on the batter was nice but not overwhelming and while the dipping sauces didn’t taste homemade they were definitely better than something you’d get from a drive-thru.  As a side I ordered the Six Cheese Mac & Cheese.  No doubt there was plenty of cheese in the dish.  Overall the flavor was good, but I felt the water the Mac & Cheese was cooked in was a little undersalted and the dish didn’t quite have the punch I was hoping for.

All in all we had a good dinner and a fun time watch the game.  It didn’t bother our table having a ton of children around, but I noticed a group of 4 guys drinking beer and obviously preferring adult time two tables away from us looking uncomfortable as the little ones zoomed around them.  So if you are looking for a traditional sports bar this is a great place to catch a game and grab some food, just know that it’s a very family friendly establishment.  To most that’s not a negative, but just an observation I had.

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