Top 10 Summertime Sweet Treats in Kansas City

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth this Summer

This warm weather definitely has me in a good mood.  Along with being able to get out of the house without worrying about making sure I have enough layers on, summertime means some of my favorite things. Right near the top of that list are all the treats we have been forced to hold off on during the cold weather months. Now we again get to enjoy them with that same unadulterated excitement you see on a child’s face when they hear the familiar ring of the ice cream truck’s bell as it comes down the street. 

To be clear about this particular Top 10 list, I am ranking summertime treats you can buy.  At some point we will talk about wonderful recipes for things like mud pies and homemade ice cream, but for this list it’s all about immediate gratification when your sweet tooth starts aching and you need to get it taken care of pronto. Also I will mention some of these are as much about the place and location as they are the actual food or drink.
Here are CowTown Chow’s Top 10 Summertime Sweet Treats:
10. Tropical Sno: Situated in an unassuming stand at 134th & Holmes in Martin City, what Tropical Sno may be lacking in building size they make up for with the best shaved ice around. 
9. Dippin Dots out and about: Ok, so while I won’t try to convince anyone that Dippin Dots are the best ice cream out there or a dessert I lie awake at night craving, you can enjoy these little frozen ice cream pebbles at a bunch of cool places around town. So head out somewhere fun like The ‘K’, a T-Bones game, the new Livestrong Sporting Park, Starlight, Worlds of Fun, KC Zoo, or one of the other great attractions in this city and stay cool with a bowl of Dots while you have fun.
8. Glace Artisan Ice Cream by Christopher Elbow:  This may be the most hoity-toity of all the places to get a warm weather treat, but their unique flavor combinations and use of fresh ingredients make it worth the trip.
7. BRGR’s Caramel Kahlua ‘Adult’ Milkshake:  Made with Godiva, Kahlua, chocolate sauce, and caramel, this milkshake reminds you why you wanted to grow up when you were a kid.  It’s so you can enjoy treats like this.
 6. Winstead’s Skyscraper Milkshake: If you grew up in KC you knew of, and day dreamed about, the famous Winstead’s milkshake.  Made for at least 2, but more like 4, this creamy shake is a Kansas City institution.
5. Blackberry Cobbler a la Mode at Marina Grog & Galley: When it’s hot outside, what is better than being at the lake?  Well, if you want to combine the lake and delicious desserts then head to Marina Grog & Galley at Lake Lotawana to sit on their dockside covered patio right on the water’s edge and enjoy a piece of pie with traditional vanilla ice cream.   
4. Blanc Burger’s Vanilla Milkshake:  Voted the best milkshake in town by a number of different publications and sweet treat aficionados, Blanc’s vanilla milkshake is simply the best around.  Made with local artisan milk and none other than Foo’s Frozen Custard (see below) this shake also features real vanilla bean flavor. 
3. Murray’s Ice Cream & Cookies: Located down in Westport, Murray’s is a place that transports you to an era reminiscent of Leave it to Beaver.  Their rich and decadent homemade ice cream is a true KC treasure with more flavors and combinations than you can count.
2. Lidia’s Kansas City on the Patio: Pastry Chef Danica Pollard has a tremendous knack for putting together ice cream and sorbet combinations that perfectly hit the spot each and every time you go in.  So grab a spoon, head out to their patio and dive head first into her latest creations.
1. Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard: Continuously made fresh at both locations in Brookside and Leawood, this is the best frozen custard in the city.  In fact, their custard is so good; another item making this list uses it.  What more do you need to say?  Foo’s has great specialty offerings and we recommend trying them all! 
-JRCheck out the places that made out list on the web or at Urbanspoon.Foo’s: Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard on Urbanspoon

Lidia’s KC: Lidia's Kansas City on Urbanspoon

Murray’s Ice Cream: Murray's Ice Creams & Cookies on Urbanspoon

Blanc:Blanc Burgers + Bottles (Country Club Plaza) on Urbanspoon

Marina Grog & Galley: Marina Grog and Galley on Urbanspoon

Winsteads: Winstead's on Urbanspoon

Glace: Glace Artisan Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Dippin Dots:

Tropical Sno: Tropical Sno on Urbanspoon


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