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Quick Hit Review | Wyandot 2 Barbecue


After years of hearing friends rave about the original Wyandot Barbecue down on State Ave in Kansas City, Kansas I finally made my way in there earlier this year.  While there were some very good parts of my meal, there were some inconsistencies and disappointments as well.  That said, even though it wouldn’t make our Top 10 Kansas City BBQ places, it was well above average.  So recently, when a buddy suggested we tryout Wyandot 2 located at 75th and Metcalf I was game.
The place looks the part of a great BBQ joint.  Tucked away in what looks like an old Pizza Hut with counter service, just what you want in a barbecue place, and outdated decor,another welcoming aspect of a quality BBQ place, Wyandot Barbecue 2 has all the makings of a place you’ll want to come back to. That is until you sit down and try the food.  Served on an old school food tray in wax paper bags, my sandwich came on the cheap white bread you want to see at a place you have reasonably decent expectations for.  This is where all the good comes to an end.  My turkey and pork sandwich was unexpectedly dry and had almost no smoke flavor to it at all.  The side of fries were barely warm and almost entirely without seasoning.


Wondering if I was just the unlucky soul at my table, I asked my two dinning compatriots if they were experiencing the same thing and to my dismay both of them reported their food was also equally disappointing. One of them said his beef sandwich tasted like it’d been cooked in an oven and was drier than the bread it was served with. Unfortunately, slathering our sandwiches with their barbecue sauce didn’t really improve matters much as it was too sweet for my taste and lacked that depth and smokiness you want in good barbecue sauce.


It is pretty evident that while the original Wyandot Barbecue in KCK and the second location in Overland Park are under the same ownership, there is definitely not the same level of quality control between them.  With other high quality alternatives in the nearby area, this is not a place I would return to if given the choice.


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Review Date: 11/17/2011

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  1. Scott (2 years ago)

    I agree that with your appraisal of Wyandot 2 about the quality of the meat. I, too, have experienced the same there. However, the original in KCK i have eaten at dozens of times, and I have not a single complaint about it. As for the bread……I love how simple it is. If you want fancy bread, go to Jack Stack where they even have a waiter to serve you at your table. Jack Stack is very good bbq by the way, just a different type of bbq place than what has made Wyandot what it is.

    As for the claim that both locations are under the same ownership, I can’t say you are wrong with assurance. However, I can assure you that a few years ago they were not the same owner. Years and years ago, they were the same owner. The owners then divorced. The husband (who in my opinion is the guy with the recipies and techniques that have made it a success) kept the KCK location. The wife got #2 and it has always since failed to live up to the reputation it once had.

    Many different types of sauces out there, and many are difficult to compare because its like apples and oranges. But, Wyandot’s sauce has been, is, and will always be one of my favorites that I will crave when I have a bbq sandwich and krinkle fries well done!


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