Kansas City – America’s Next Food Hotspot!

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Recently, James Oseland the editor-in-chief of nationally published Saveur Magazine named Kansas City as a foodie destination on the rise for 2012.  Noting that our fair city continues to reinvent itself and move beyond a town just known for barbecue, Oseland expects big things from KC over the next year.

You may know Oseland from his position as critic and judge on Top Chef Masters, which featured local cheflebrity Celina Tio on it’s most recent season.  Giving his thoughts on the food trends he expects to see in 2012, Mr. Oseland touched on topics from layer cakes to homemade pickles, and Japanese knives to meatloaf before turning to the topic of foodie destinations.  He mentions his expectation that Italian-American cuisine will continue to have a huge impact on our dining habits and specifically mentions Lidia Bastianich, owner of restaurants in NYC as well as our very own Lidia’s in the Freight House downtown.

Oseland goes on to say that Portland will continue to establish itself as one of the nation’s premier dining destinations before making the proclamation that Kansas City is “going to have its moment in 2012″ and will be bringing in diners from far and wide.  He writes:

This Midwestern city has a deep-rooted food culture that’s been around for well over a century, one that’s now poised to reinvigorate itself and position the city as a new culinary destination. We all know about Kansas City’s reputation as a great barbecue town, but recently there’s been a fantastic wave of smart, new high-end cooking that’s been lighting a fire in the heart of America. Laying the foundation are chefs like Debbie Gold, Celina Tio, and Colby Garrelts, whose restaurants (American Restaurant, Julian and Bluestem, respectively) are galvanizing the area’s independent and organic farmers and producers, and inspiring Kansas City’s next generation of chefs to reach for new heights.

Much of this credit can be given to Chefs Debbie Gold of The American Restaurant and Celina Tio of Julian Restaurant for helping give Kansas City’s burgeoning food scene national attention on Top Chef Masters and The Next Iron Chef representing our city well on these shows.  In fact, in a piece for NBC Action News, Gold specifically speaks to the impact on food shows and networks explosive increase in popularity over the last half decade.

Click here to read Jame Oseland’s entire article Cakes, pickles, and the next great grub city: Top food trends for 2012 on MSNBC.


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