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A Winter Lunch Surprise in Westport

On an incredible and unseasonably warm early January day, one of my co-workers popped his head into my office and asked if I was in the mood for lunch and a beer.  Happy to get out of the office to enjoy a bit of the sun and warmth we decided to head over to Westport and grab lunch at Beer Kitchen.  I’d heard many good things about Beer Kitchen No. 1 since its opening in late 2010, but had never had a chance to get in there to actually eat.  Their extensive beer selection includes all of your traditional favorites with plenty of small craft brewers only the die-hard beer loves have heard of.  Owned by the same proprietors as McCoy’s Public House and the Foundry, also in Westport, I had reasonably high expectations based on my experiences at their other operations.

When we arrived, the place was decently busy, but by no means packed.  We grabbed a booth back by the big beer board and studied our options from both the food and drink menus.  Settling on a Boulevard Harvest Dance for my drink I set about to find something that would work well with it on the food side.  Our server strongly recommended the cream of tomato soup, and I chose the Creole Chicken sandwich to go along with it.


The food arrived in a timely fashion and even with my higher than average expectations I was very much thrilled with what I was served.  The cream of tomato soup was smooth, delicate, and packed full of flavor without being overly creamy or heavy.  It was an absolute treat on a warm winter day when you want something a little lighter than heavy chowder or bisque.  The Creole Chicken burger was equally as delicious.  The chicken breast was well seasoned with a blackening spice and cooked perfectly before being covered by a slice of chipotle white cheddar cheese and placed on a soft potato bun.

All in all this lunch surpassed my fairly lofty expectations and is definitely a place I will make a point of getting back to in the future, not only for the food, but the great beer list as well.



Beer Kitchen No. 1

435 Westport Rd.
Kansas City, MO

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