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Donuts are like steaks to me, if I could eat one (or more) every day I would.  They both are often coated on the outside with some sort of seasoning and then cooked to perfection on the inside.  Steaks, like donuts, consumed in vast quantity are probably not good for you, but when done right both are little bites of heaven in your mouth.  I tend to gravitate to a good old fashioned glazed donut by default, but I do not discriminate against iced, filled, or sprinkled varieties.

Lately I have had a hankering for donuts even more so than normal and that means I’ve been trying places I haven’t tried before and the result is a new Top 10 list for my fellow Kansas Citians.  Donut shops are everywhere, and like dive bars there are plenty in town that I’ve never heard of, let alone been to.  So if I’m leaving one off this list that you think NEEDS to be included, go ahead and comment on this post and I’ll make it a point to get there and try it out.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 10 Donut shops in Kansas City

 Kansas City's Top 10 Donuts - Sprinkled Donuts

10. Ridgewood Donuts – 4309 Blue Ridge Blvd.  Independence, MO

9.  Donut King – 2320 Armour Rd. North Kansas City

8.  Doughnut Factory – 11916 S. Strang Line Rd.  Olathe, KS

7. Jack’s Donuts – 2400 S. Lee’s Summit Rd.  Lee’s Summit, MO

6.  Holt’s Do-Nuts – 1325 Main St. Grandview, MO

5. Fluffy Fresh Donuts – 5729 Johnson Dr.  Mission, KS

4. Lamar’s Donuts – Various Locations. If the original location on Linwood were still open, it would be #1 on the list by itself.  Not all Lamar’s are the same, but the locations in Mission at 5901 Johnson Dr. and near the original at 3395 Main St are our two favorite.

3. McLain’s Bakery – 201 E. Gregory Blvd. Kansas City, MO

2.  John’s Space Age Donuts – 8124 Floyd St. Overland Park, KS

1.  Fluffy Fresh Donuts – 10123 State Line Rd.   Kansas City, MO


Honorable Mention:

Johnny’s Donuts – 4424 Prospect Ave.  Kansas City, MO

Poppy’s Donuts – 10222 E. US Hwy 24. Independence, MO



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  1. Andrew (2 years ago)

    First of all, thanks for the list. I love new ideas for some of my favorite foods. Would you mind some respectful rebuttal?
    1) Fluffy Fresh at Lamar: to me, you can’t qualify if I can walk-in and by your product. It’s almost as though FF survives on institutional orders and genral public gets the leftovers. What’s worse is that if you show up at 800 and they’re out of goods, you can’t wait, for more, they’re just done for the day. Their donuts are good but even when they do have more than glazed you never know what you’re going to get. Can be a favorite if I can’t depend on you to make them

    2) Lamars is exactly the opposite: Great selection and inventory but the quality isn’t there. I have officially had my last apple fritter (my favorite donut) from lamars. They’re awful. Not apple and watt too much cinnamon. They Old Fahioned I had the other day way truly way too sweet. And you’re hearing from a donut lover so sugar doesn’t scare me. Theis old fashioned was cloaked In a much to heavy sugar glaze. I don’t think you can make good donuts at a franchise location. Unless they’re made onsite

    Johns Space Age is ok. They consistency is not good enough for the Hall of Fame. Sometimes the fritters are almost burned. I HATE 21st century businesses that don’t take plastic. It’s a tax dodge to the inconvenience of customers.

    Thanks for taking the time to create the list can’t wait to try them all


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