KC Restaurant Week: Tips & Suggestions

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The 2013 edition of Kansas City’s Restaurant Week is in full swing.  This latest version features over 125 participating restaurants, many of them offering both lunch and dinner menus. That means there are actually over 6,000 potential menu  combinations out there for KC’s diners to try.  As you venture out to experience this dining extravaganza over the next 10 days, we thought we’d arm you with some tips to help maximize your Restaurant Week experience.

Ten Tips for Getting the Most out of the

2013 Kansas City Restaurant Week

–          Try New Places:  Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to get out and explore KC’s restaurant community.  Go try some places you haven’t been before.  Typically the chef’s put some of their best feet forward on these prix fixe menus and maybe you’ll find a new favorite dish or dessert.

–          Try New Food:  With the prix fixe multi-course menus of restaurant week, chef’s are encouraged to put their best food forward.  If it’s on the menu, it’s a safe bet the kitchen is proud of the dish.  Try something new, you never know what you’ll discover.

–          Check Out the Website:  Visit the official Restaurant Week website at http://www.visitkc.com/kc-restaurant-week/index.aspx.  You can see an entire list of participating restaurants as well as their prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner.

–          Download the App:  The official 2013 Kansas City Restaurant Week mobile app can be found by CLICKING HERE.  The app is optimized for both iPhone and Android devices.  Using the app you can see all of the participating restaurants as well as search by map, restaurant name, and more.

–          Ask to See a Regular Menu:  Ask your server to see their normal lunch or dinner menu.  If you are trying a new place, or somewhere you don’t regularly frequent, take a look at their regular menu in between courses.  You never know what you’ll see that may have your mouth watering for a return trip.

–          Let your Server Make Suggestions:  So many of our local dining establishments have signature dishes.  Many of those dishes are available during restaurant week.  Ask your server if there is something on the menu you must try.

–          Let your Server Make Suggestions Part II:  The same applies for cocktails and beverages.  In this burgeoning age of craft beers and cocktails, many of the bartenders at our local establishments have a signature cocktail. Ask your server, and if it sounds good, give it a whirl.

–          Go with Friends:  Dining experiences are often best when shared with good friends.  Take some friends to a favorite place of yours if they’ve never been.  Then let them return the favor.

–       Help Harvesters:  While 10% of the revenue from restaurant week menus is donated by all the participating restaurants to Harvesters Food Network, do something more.  Harvesters help as many as 66,000 hungry people in our region each week.  Restaurant Week is a great benefactor, but Harvesters can always use each of our help.  Go to Harvesters.org to learn more about how you can help further.

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