Restaurant Week 101: Things you should know about KCRW2014

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With each passing year, Kansas City’s annual Restaurant Week grows and evolves.  The 2014 version that starts today is no exception as more restaurants are participating and each of those restaurants are offering diners something new for a price they can’t get stopping in on a regular night.  If you are not familiar with how Restaurant Week works, what it is about, or where to find out who is participating, then consider this your crash course.

Kansas City Restaurant Week 101:

What is Restaurant Week?

Each year near the end of January, Kansas City’s Restaurant Week puts over 125 local restaurants and bars on display with multi-course lunch and dinner options.  Organized by the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association and the Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association, it highlights some of the best places to eat our city offers. With the types, styles, and locations of the establishments ranging from neighborhood pizza or burger joints to some of the most well-known restaurants in the city featuring James Beard award winning chefs Restaurant Week has something for everyone.

When is Restaurant Week?

2014’s Kansas City Restaurant Week runs from lunch on Friday January 17th through Dinner Sunday January 26th.

Who does Restaurant Week Benefit?

Each year 10% of the proceeds from KC’s Restaurant Week go to Harvesters food bank to help feed the hungry.  Also this year each time a KCRW reservation is made through Open Table an additional donation will be made to Harvester’s on Open Table’s behalf.

What do the Meals Cost?

During the 10 day Restaurant Week period, lunch is $15 per person for a multi-course meal while dinner is $33 per person.  Each restaurant offers different options as far as number of courses or types of food.  Not all restaurants are offering the Restaurant Week menu for both lunch and dinner.  To know which restaurants are offering what, check out this link to the participating restaurants list. 

How Do I know What Each Restaurant is Offering?

Most of the restaurants have posted their KCRW menus online.  Click on the name of the restaurant in this list to see more about that particular restaurant and check out their lunch and dinner menus.

Is There an App for That?

There sure is! The official restaurant week app is available in the iTunes app store along with on the Google play store.


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