Classic Cup on the Country Club Plaza

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In terms of Kansas City institutions, The Classic Cup is a frontrunner. Evolving from coffee shop to restaurant it now serves breakfast, arguably some of the best pancakes in the city, lunch and dinner.  The Classic Cup has survived the ebbs and flows of most Plaza real estate, and continues to be a staple in KC.

The Classic Cup is one of those restaurants which accommodate a variety of dining wishes, but creates a dynamic that seems personal. With two patios, a competent wine list, private dining, and new specials daily, featuring seasonal ingredients and fresh fish, there is something for everyone. From the Flat Iron Steak with polenta and greens to a Big Bowl O’ Mussels the offerings are vast.

Upon my last visit, I appreciated the restraint in my meal.  With previous experiences, there seemed to be a heavy hand with the ingredient list, muddling flavors. The asparagus salad was clean with a Meyer Lemon vinaigrette and radishes.  The richness of the roasted vegetable paired well with the quinoa, which offered a nutty touch.  The scallops were perfectly seared, and every component was well seasoned and balanced. The acidity of the blistered tomatoes against the creamy celeriac puree was a great combination.

New to this visit were the small plate offerings. As an eater who wants to try everyone else’s dishes, it was nice to see this addition to the menu. I picture an evening out with friends, wine in hand, eating kale salad with fennel, and gremalota croutons or smoked trout with a sweet jam, goat cheese and fried capers.

While the service staff appears young in trade, they are conscientious. Questions regarding wine or cocktails may be left to the pros, but attentiveness is equally important on busy nights. Grab a reservation, especially for brunch or breezy summer days.




Classic Cup Café

On the Country Club Plaza
301 W 47th St
Kansas City, MO 64112




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