Gram & Dun on the Country Club Plaza

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Catch up with a friend on a great patio? Check. Drink Bloody Mary’s from a tableside cart? Check. Try brunch inspired items while sipping rose? Check.

Bread and Butter’s Gram and Dunn provides the restaurant that the Country Club Plaza desperately needed for the last decade. Think a Gastro Pub where either a social evening or an intimate meal may be achieved.


My friend and I met to meander on a patio, sip cocktails, and graze on a meal, as that is how adults should manage their weekend mid-mornings. We were greeted by a friendly server who easily convinced us to partake in their tableside Bloody Mary and mimosa bar. We chose our vodka, the heat, and the fixings, including pickled vegetables, thick cut bacon, and a hot link.  By choosing our fixings, we became a part of the experience, and that experience was a damn good Bloody Mary.


As for brunch, there were equal parts lunch and breakfast, so we chose to try both. While the signature pig wings and shrimp and grits were available, we wanted something new. I chose coddled eggs, “a West Coast tradition,” per our server. Imagine perfectly soft boiled eggs, bacon, and mashed potatoes. Yes, mashed potatoes. I chose this as somehow this was in my father’s repertoire of dishes he made while I was growing up. Who knew? While strange to some, the soft eggs create a sauce for the already creamy potatoes.  The bacon, while also rich, cuts the two. While this was reminiscent of home, I still would prefer my dad’s.


On the opposite end of the brunch spectrum were the Bloody Mary Mussels. Are you sensing a theme? Mussels bathed in a Bloody Mary tomato base, spicy chorizo, fennel, and bright, acidic green olives. While the cast of characters all seem overpowering, together they worked synchrony.  The mussels were probably some of the best I’ve eaten as they were plump and tasted of sea. The seafood purveyor should be thanked. Thick toasted bread accompanied the dish which always tends to be the coup de gras.


Go to Gram and Dunn. Try their brunch. Try their dinner. Support a local business.


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