2014 Great American Beer Festival

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The 2014 version of the Great American Beer Festival is just around the corner and we here at CowTown Chow will be attending this year’s festival.  GABF is the country’s largest beer festival and is held annually in Denver, Colorado. Featuring more than 2,800 beers from 600 of the country’s best breweries Great American Beer Festival is a place where beer lovers congregate to sample brews from micro breweries in Iowa, mega international labels and everything in between.  It’s a chance to try 20 IPA’s, Saison’s, or Pale Ales from 20 breweries stretching from Maine to San Diego or New Mexico to Alaska.  There are events outside the festival that give you a chance to hob-knob with brewers and pick their brains on brewing techniques or ask why they use a certain hop type or how they chose the spices for their fall seasonal.

There is also the option for breweries to enter their beers to be judged at the festival.  Winning a medal from GABF is one of the most prestigious awards a brewery can claim.  It can put a small brewery on the map and give them national notoriety.

We will be attending sessions Thursday and Friday evenings as well as various other events around the city over the weekend and will be updating the website from Denver as well as live tweeting the entire time we are in town.  If you, our awesome readers, have any suggestions on beers we should try or breweries we should visit, send them our way and we’ll do our best to get to their booth.

If you’re interested in the festival and want to know more about it, visit their official website here:  GreatAmericanBeerFestival.com 

Or watch their promotional video here:


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