Brining a Turkey

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Thanksgiving is upon us and that means many Americans will embark on the yearly tradition of cooking a turkey for their family.  Every year when I prepare the turkey for our family feast I make absolutely certain to include one of the simplest, yet most vital steps in the cooking process.  It’s a step that involves ice and water and is often overlooked by the average turker preparer.

How to brine a turkey

Brining a turkey is one of the most crucial steps in it’s preparation as it helps ensure you have a moist, juicy, and tender turkey that will wow your family. This week I saw famed New York chef Mario Batalli answering questions on Twitter  from fans leading up to Thanksgiving.  As a fan myself I shot him the question about brining a turkey and got a response with a link to a video on his personal website.  Who am I to say that I have a better way than one of my culinary idols.  So here you go are, a quick video on how to brine a turkey.

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If you have a great way to brine a turkey yourself, please share it with us.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

For a direct link to the video on Mario’s website, click here.


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