Paste Magazine’s Best American IPA’s

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Recently, Paste Magazine blind taste tested 116 American IPA’s in an attempt to declare the best IPA in our fair land.  They reached out to as many breweries as they could to establish a massive collection of American IPA’s to judge.  The results and the article go something like this:

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Dear Paste readers: We are insane. Insane to conceive of a 100-plus blind tasting of American IPAs. Insane to put in the hours/days/weeks of emailing and phone-calling necessary to acquire the 100-plus beers. Insane to risk the reputation of our taste buds on the completely blind results. Insane to bruise our palates over the course of weeks with a metric ton of hop bitterness. Just well and truly insane. And yet, we went and did it anyway as a tribute to the country’s single most popular and widely consumed craft beer style.

Yes, we tasted as many American IPAs as we could possibly get our hands on, and the final number ended up at a gaudy 116 (Check out the full gallery of every label). You may have read our announcement about it last week, which was also an attempt to answer some basic reader questions. It outlines some of the rules, which I’ll go over again below. If you want to know why any specific beer isn’t present (Hill Farmstead? The Alchemist?), then please, by all means consult that post, but know that the answer boils down to: “We probably tried to get it, and they don’t ship beer as a rule or don’t want to participate in tastings and rankings.” Trust us, we’d love to have every IPA on the face of the Earth, but instead we simply had to settle for mostof the IPAs on the face of the Earth. It’s a tough life we lead.

Click here to read the full thing and find out the results. 


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