Entertainment | Summer To-Do’s around KC

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A recent article posted on The Pitch's Fat City blog gives all of us a number of fun things to do around town this summer.  Check out the post here:   The joy of summer is not slimming down to fit into a swimsuit or picking at a salad of baby greens. This is about...

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Recipe | Fabulous Fresh Fruit Salad

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As the weather continues warming up, we continue to shift away from the hearty dishes of winter and early spring toward the lighter, crisper flavors of summer.  One of the best things about summer is the availability of amazing local fruits and vegetables.  While you can get...

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Recipe | Homemade Marinara

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Marinara is often considered the cornerstone of Italian cooking. A good, fresh, homemade Marinara can enhance an Italian dish almost unlike any other ingredient.  A lot of American’s confuse Marinara with plain old pasta sauce.  In traditional Italian cooking,...

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Recipe | Hand Dipped Marshmallows

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Every time you go to a party or have a pot luck there is one dish that stands out from the crowd.  One thing that people in the room are buzzing about.  Hand dipped marshmallows are a sure fire party hit.  The combinations are limited only by your imagination.   These...

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Recipe | Glazed Carrots – Good for your Eyes, & Tasty Too!

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As we continue on our quest for uncovering some tremendously tasty foods to put on the table this Thanksgiving, here is a recipe I made a while back that definitely fits the bill. Courtesy of one of our favorite TV personalities, Alton Brown, this carrot side dish not only gets...

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