New Year’s Eve = Champagne Time

New Year’s Eve = Champagne Time

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2015 is coming to an end and that means the egg-nog of Christmas will be quickly replaced by the bubbly champagne of New Year's Eve celebrations.  Every year it seems we get asked by people what are some of the best champagnes out there.  Champagne is a tricky subject to...

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Thanksgiving Libations

Thanksgiving Libations

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Every year we are looking for new and fun holiday drinks to break out over the next 6 weeks (and anytime during the cold winter months for that matter).  So we are going to start it out this year with our weekly holiday drink recipe.  Make it at home for your family, or whip...

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Drink Wine, Save the Planet – Houlihan’s Style

Drink Wine, Save the Planet – Houlihan’s Style

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One of Kansas City's local restaurant groups has partnered up with ReCORK, a cork recycling program, to offer an easy way for wine drinkers everywhere to do their part in saving the planet, one bottle of wine at a time.  So next time you pull the cork on your favorite Pinot or...

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Drink | Amazing White Grape Sangria

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This is an update to a wonderful Sangria recipe we posted last summer.  New year, new tweak.  If you thought the original was good, wait till you try the updated version! Even Greatness Can Be Improved from Time to Time Last weekend, after a long Saturday of housework,...

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