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New Year’s Eve = Champagne Time

New Year’s Eve = Champagne Time

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2015 is coming to an end and that means the egg-nog of Christmas will be quickly replaced by the bubbly champagne of New Year's Eve celebrations.  Every year it seems we get asked by people what are some of the best champagnes out there.  Champagne is a tricky subject to...

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TOP 10 IPA Beers

TOP 10 IPA Beers

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Over the last year or two we have taken a serious liking to great IPA beers.  To some these beers are bitter and the hoppiness in some of them can be overwhelming at times, but when done properly a great IPA is an amazing combination of aromas and flavors.  Among craft beers,...

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Top 10 List | The Best Donuts Kansas City Has to Offer

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Donuts are like steaks to me, if I could eat one (or more) every day I would.  They both are often coated on the outside with some sort of seasoning and then cooked to perfection on the inside.  Steaks, like donuts, consumed in vast quantity are probably not good for you, but...

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Top 10’s | Kansas City’s Top Outdoor Spots

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The Best of Kansas City Outdoor Let’s have a little fun and do something a little different.  Typically I set down to make a Top 10 list of a specific restaurant type.  Whether it’s burgers, BBQ, or brunch, I have a specific category in mind and stick to it.  To...

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