Festive Winter Beers

Festive Winter Beers

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It's that time of the year again. Christmas time, winter time, and cold weather combine to bring us some of the most flavorful and tasty beers of the year.  Yep, it's holiday beer season, and that means a bunch of 'winter warmer' type beers that are full of wonderful spices,...

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Where can I Eat During Restaurant Week?

Where can I Eat During Restaurant Week?

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Have you been hearing about Restaurant Week and are you curious what restaurants are participating?  If so you can click on the picture below to search by lunch or dinner offerings, types of food or even locations of the restaurants throughout the city.  So take a look and see...

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All Apologies

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So, it's pretty obvious to anyone that follows us that we've been noticably absent here about the last 6 weeks. We could give you a number of excuses and reasons for it. Most of them you won't care about, but I did not want our loyal readers to assume that we've closed up shop...

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Recipe | Glazed Carrots – Good for your Eyes, & Tasty Too!

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As we continue on our quest for uncovering some tremendously tasty foods to put on the table this Thanksgiving, here is a recipe I made a while back that definitely fits the bill. Courtesy of one of our favorite TV personalities, Alton Brown, this carrot side dish not only gets...

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