Bucket List

This is our dining and drinking bucket list, places we MUST eat or drink at in our lifetime.  The bucket list contains restaurants and bars in Kansas City, the Midwest, throughout the USA, and even around the globe!  It’s our personal little wish list of places we’ve heard about, read about, seen on TV, or heard first hand the experiences of those who have been fortunate enough to make it in one of these establishments.

This list is organic, continually growing and evolving over time.  It’s not everything for everybody, it’s not a comprehensive rundown of the best establishments across the globe, it is simply a small list of places that foodies and wine enthusiasts alike will want to consider putting on their own lists.  As one who strives not to be set in my ways, I encourage anyone reading this list to suggest a place they’ve been or been dying to go that I should consider.  I love hearing about new and exciting places that haven’t yet hit my radar screen.

Kansas City

–  Justus Drugstore (Smithville, MO)

– The American Restaurant (Crown Center | Kansas City, MO)

– Le Fou Frog (River Market | Kansas City, MO)

– Blue Stem Restaurant (Westport | Kansas City, MO)

– Michael Smith (Downtown | Kansas City, MO)



– Alinea (Chicago, IL)

– Hot Doug’s (Chicago, IL)

– Gene & Georgetti (Chicago, IL)

– Frontera Grill (Chicago, IL)

– Charlie Trotters (Chicago, IL)

– Blue Point Grille (Cleveland, OH)

-Lambert’s Downtown BBQ (Austin, TX)

– Fearing’s (Dallas, TX)


United States

– The French Laundry (Napa Valley | Yountville, CA)

– The Inn at Little Washington (Washington, VA)

– Le Bernardin (New York, NY)

– Chez Panisse (Berkley, CA)

– Jean Georges (New York, NY)

– Mesa Grill (New York, NY)

– WD-50 (New York, NY)

– Babbo (New York, NY)

– Commander’s Palace (New Orleans, LA)

– The Pit (Raleigh, NC)

– Spago (Beverly Hills, CA)

– Galatoire’s (New Orleans, LA)

– Guy Savoy (Las Vegas, NV)

– Joel Robuchon (Las Vegas, NV)

– Le Pigeon (Portland, OR)

– Nathan’s Hot Dogs (Coney Island, NY)

– The Barn at Blackberry Farm (Walland, TN)

– Neptune Oyster Bar (Boston, MA)

– Ad Hoc (Napa Valley, CA)

– Woodfire Grill (Atlanta, GA)

– BLAIS (Atlanta, GA)

– Flip Burger (Atlanta, GA)

– Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn (Moonlite, KY)

– Per Se (New York, NY)

– Katz’s Delicatessen (New York, NY)

– Sierra Mar (Big Sur, CA)


World Wide

- Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy)

– L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Paris, France)

– D.O.M (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

– Les Creations de Narisawa (Tokyo, Japan)

– Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark)

– Quay (Sydney, Australia)

– Hibiscus (London, England)

– Il Canto (Siena, Italy)

– El Celler de Can Roca (Girona, Spain)

– The Fat Duck (Bray, England)

– Le Chateaubriand (Paris, France)

– Iggy’s (Singapore)

– elBulli (Girona, Spain)

– Ambrosia (Santorini, Greece)

– Rosellinis (Ravello, Italy)

– Le Jules Verne (Paris, France)

– Baan Rim Pa (Phuket, Thailand)

– Felix (Hong Kong)

– Eagle’s Eye Restaurant (British Columbia, Canada)





Note:  As I work more on this list I’ll add notes, website links, and once I’ve been somewhere there will be a detailed description of my experience.

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